Business & Professional Services

42410 Hwy 56
Nerstrand, MN

Lilla Rose is a Direct Sales vendor that carries high quality hair clips, headbands, bobbies, and other hair accessories. Debra Braithwaite is the owner and she has been at the Chamber Fun Fests with her products.

Santa Martha Cafe
PO Box 5
Randolph, MN

Santa Martha Cafe mission is to work with importers who are conscience about how the green Coffee beans are grown, harvested and shipped. Our love of coffee pulls on our hearts for people who grow the coffee therefore desiring them to receive a fair market value. Then, they are able to invest in better coffee and planet practices.
     Santa Martha Cafe Roastery loves small batch roasting achieving the best natural flavor of the Coffee beans and the growing region. Out of respect for our planet we also purchase trees in coffee growing regions to help offset the carbon produced during the roasting process.

     All these things are taken into consideration of bag pricing so you can love the community too. Every purchase helps the local community issues such as diarrhea, respiratory issues, contaminated soils, diseased and pest-infested trees and plants, water conservation, hazardous cooking conditions and lack of medical and education resources. By loving these coffee regions we hope to see continued coffee and happy planet improvements.

18369 Duluth St
Farmington, MN

Lipslikeaboss is an in-home business for cosmetics and skincare.  Kelly Lillibridge can be reached at lipslikeaboss@gmail.com

Ye Olde Farm
35707 Co 14 Blvd
Cannon Falls, MN 55009

Ye Olde Farm is located near Cannon Falls, MN.  It is a Cottage Business providing produce for Farmers Markets.