Churches/Religious Organizations

First Congregational Church, UCC
Address: 200 W Main Street
Cannon Falls, MN
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We are a welcoming and loving congregation that celebrates God’s presence among us. Our spiritual growth is enriched through worship, the Bible, faith education, and fellowship. We strive to meet the needs of a diverse, multi-generational congregation. Together we share the message of Jesus Christ and put our faith into action in our local and global community.

Glen Herrington-Hall, Pastor

Business Website Address: First Congregational Church, UCC
Business Phone Number: (507) 263-3091
Address: 29020 Dawson Avenue
Randolph, MN
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Dr. Dennis Ingolfsland, Pastor

Sunday Schedule:   9:00 am Sunday School for Preschool – Adults and 10:00 am Worship Service

Business Website Address: Randolph Baptist Church
Business Phone Number: (507) 663-1437
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Address: 5343 Hwy 19 Boulevard
Cannon Falls, MN
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Our community of people come from many backgrounds, but our values and beliefs re anchored in the teachings of Jesus Christ. The hear tin everything we do is to bring people into relationship with Jesus Christ and to help them grow in that relationship.

Pastor Mark La Follette

Business Website Address: Riverwood Community Church
Business Phone Number: (507) 263-2304
Address: County 1 Boulevard
Cannon Falls, MN
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Rev. Nick & Rev. Cindy Fisher-Broin

Business Website Address: Spring Garden Lutheran Church
Business Phone Number: (507) 263-5532
Address: 7459 Hwy 19 Blvd
Cannon Falls, MN
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St. Ansgar’s Lutheran Church is a place where children are nurtured and loved, teens find footing, families grow in Christ, adults find meaning and purpose and grands are vibrant and appreciated.

Carol Sinykin,  Associate Pastor

Business Website Address: St. Ansgar's Lutheran Church
Business Phone Number: (507) 263-3645
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church & School
Address: 30289 59th Avenue Way
Cannon Falls, MN
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First and foremost, our purpose is to seek and find God (as Paul said in Acts 17:24-28), who has revealed himself to us in Jesus Christ through the Word, and to understand and believe that Jesus is Savior.
Once God has called us to faith through the Word, we are to live a new life which shows respect for God and acts upon respect for God by obeying his will.  We are to turn away from a sinful life style which disobeys God’s Will.  In short, once saved, our purpose is to love God foremost and to love our neighbors.
Obeying God’s will is not a burden but frees us from the bondage of sin.
Since we know God’s love for us and his blessings in our lives, we share these truths with others.  Through the Gospel, and our loving actions and speech, our mission is to share with all people that Jesus is the Savior.

Contact:   Paul Mildebrandt, Principal


Business Website Address: St. Paul's Lutheran Church & School
Business Phone Number: (507) 263-4589
St. Pius V
Address: 410 Colvill St. W.
Cannon Falls
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The only Catholic Church in Cannon Falls. They welcome all to worship during the weekend and weekday masses, special events, including their Fall Festival, Lenten Friday Fish Frys, pancake breakfasts, hometown market, chili feed and blood drives.

Business Website Address: http://www.stpiusvcf.org
Business Phone Number: 507-263-2578
Business Fax: 507-263-8005
Address: 410 Dakota Street W
Cannon Falls, MN
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True North Church is a place you are welcome to come just as you are! You will discover the life-changing impact of being in a relationship with people committed to sharing God’s love, grace and truth.

Scott Wildenberg, Pastor

Business Website Address: True North Church
Business Phone Number: (507) 298-2323
Address: 6940 County 9 Boulevard
Cannon Falls, MN
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Located just 45 minutes outside of Minneapolis/St Paul, and 45 minutes outside of Rochester, we are a vibrant rural congregation, embracing parishioners from all walks of life, to follow in Christ’s footsteps alongside us. 

Pastor Drew Yackel

Business Website Address: Urland Lutheran Church, ELCA 
Business Phone Number: (507) 263-5544
Address: 29470 Gaylord Avenue
Cannon Falls, MN
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Pastor: Rev. Patrick Walker

Christ Church is a very relaxed, family oriented congregation. We are informal by nature and offer a perfect place for those who aren’t perfect.

Our worship service setting features tables for people to sit at as well as chairs in rows. We offer popcorn, beverages and treats on Sunday morning. Come, relax and enjoy an uplifting and stimulating message of hope and service.

Business Website Address: http://www.christumchurch.net
Business Phone Number: (507) 263-2273