Acacia Studios Massage & Healing Center
Address: 129 North 4th Street
Cannon Falls, MN
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We are a collective of highly skilled, experienced bodyworkers and therapists. With over 170 years amongst 8 practitioners it’s certain Acacia Studios Massage & Healing Center provides some of the best complementary healthcare in our region!

Each practitioner is exceptional in her field of expertise. In the truest sense of collaborative care, your needs and goals are our priority. With access to diverse modalities under one “tree”, our knowledge of each others strengths and skills lend to even greater ability for you to reach those goals. Acacia Studios is unique in that we ourselves are community; which in turn is extended to our clients.

Barb Becksted CMT

Business Website Address: Acacia Studios Massage & Healing Center
Business Phone Number: (507) 263-7957
Address: 424 Mill Street West
Cannon Falls, MN
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Optimal health is ultimately the result of several interdependent factors. Most of them are in the hands of our patients, and we view our role as facilitators of your body’s desire to function well when given the right circumstances. We invite you to use our knowledge and experience to take you from your current level of health and wellness to the place you want to be. The tools and therapies that we use integrate traditional specific chiropractic care, soft tissue therapy, acupuncture, massage and nutritional intervention. We believe that continued health is a dynamic process that is best achieved when patients and health care providers listen to each other, to come up with what is right for you.

Dr. Fiona Demel

Business Website Address: Body Works Clinic
Business Phone Number: (507) 263-2393