Emergency Services

Emergency Calls dial 9-1-1

C. F. Police Department: (Non-Emergency) 507-263-2278
C. F. Fire Department:  (Non-Emergency) 507-263-7027
C. F. Ambulance Service:  (Non-Emergency) 507-263-7027
Goodhue County Sheriff: 651-385-3155
Dakota County Sheriff: 651-322-2323

If you ever need emergency services there are more than 50 qualified men and women ready to help through the volunteer emergency network. Twenty-three local emergency medical technicians staff the two city ambulances. The team, all EMT-certified through the state, answer almost 400 calls per year. Members also provide community service by teaching a variety of CPR, first aid, and EMT Courses each year.

A Rescue Squad consisting of specially trained firefighters also accompanies the EMT’s on emergency calls involving vehicle, farm accidents, and major medical emergencies.

The volunteer Fire Department is composed of 30 citizens who answer about 100 fire calls per year. Members train each month and frequently attend state fire school for additional instruction.

About 5 police reserve members assist the eight-officer force when needed for crowd and traffic control.