Don’t forget to get your Scavenger Hunt Lists turned into the Chamber Office by noon on Friday, December 18th.  The 3 prizes will be drawn for after noon.

Dec 15th – Clue #20 (FINAL CLUE) – Flying in a chopper high over Cannon Falls, Santa brings Christmas time cheer to all!  – Intersection of Hwy 19 and 3rd St

Dec 14th – 19th Clue – Finding treasurers once forgotten; household wares our gnome is spottin’. – Sue’s Garage Sales

Dec 14th – 18th Clue – 4 hungry snowmen dancing a welcome to shop for your Christmas Dinner. – Family Fare

Dec 13th – 17th Clue – He’s BIG and WHITE, doesn’t take flight, in a window he sits, in water he fits. – Aqualand Aquarium

Dec 13th – 16th Clue – Rup pa-pa-pom, Rup-pa-pa-pom hammer or drum? – Cannon Ace Hardware

Dec 12th – 15th Clue – Icing a cake in red and green, and piping a white “Merry Christmas”. – Hi-Quality Bakery

Dec 12th – 14th Clue – Pounding and building and leaping over 2×4’s. – Interstate Building Supplies

Dec 11th – 13th Clue – A new space for pirouettes, plies, and pas-de-deux. – Cannon Falls School of Dance (by Artisan Plaza)

Dec 11th – 12th Clue – I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. – CannonBelles Coffee & Ice Cream

Dec 10th – 11th Clue – A Minnie Ballet in the Park. – Minnieska Park

3 PRIZES WILL BE DRAWN FOR ON DECEMBER 18TH – #1 – $200, #2 – $100 AND #3 – $50

Lists with the 20 Items of the Chamber Scavenger Hunt and their locations need to be turned into the Chamber Office by noon on Friday, December 18th.

Dec 10th – 10th Clue – Golden arches, golden eggs, breakfast bounty with bakery yummies. – McDonald’s

Dec 9th – 9th Clue – Windy City’s emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethysts, and diamonds, oh my! – Chicago Ed’s

Dec 9th – 8th Clue – Four and twenty blackbirds perched o’er there, waiting on a phone call – from Santa perhaps? – HBC

Dec 8th – 7th CLUE – Three French Hens – ces oiseaux sont aussi allés au marché – Ferndale Market

Dec 8th – 6th CLUE – Two Turtle Doves – Smaller than turkeys, these birds have gone to the market. – Ferndale Market

Dec 8th – 5th CLUE – A partridge is in a Pear Tree, but in Cannon Falls it is in a Christmas Tree.  You will see a very colorful partridge. – Nick’s Downtown Diner

Dec 7th – 4th CLUE – The Pius Saints rest near this house to ensure the red lit trees don’t “spiral” out of control. – 304 Grove St

Dec 6th – 3rd CLUE – The geese are flying south, but the Christmas Goose has stayed behind to see Santa.  Where could this goose be? – Country Side Antique Mall

Dec 5th – 2nd CLUE – A unique tree is all Dressed Up in this downtown boutique window. – La Boutique Unique

Dec 4th – 1st CLUE – Oh no! There is a gnome reindeer loose in Cannon Falls.  Where could it be?  The gnome reindeer got loose because the gnome fell asleep. Help us find him! – Weichert Realty-Carnel & Co.

The Light Up Cannon Falls Scavenger Hunt started on December 4th.  You will need to look high and low, in windows and doors, some will be easy to find and others not so much.  Keep your list handy, there will be 20 clues coming your way.  Find all 20 for a chance to win Chamber Dollars. Be sure to list what the item is and where you found it.

Holiday Scavenger Hunt Instructions December 4th

December 4th – December 15th – Awards Drawing on December 18th

Prep for Scavenger Hunt:

  • If you have an interesting holiday item in your window, on your door, in your yard or anywhere in Cannon Falls, please let the Chamber know.
  • Items need to be visible for someone walking or driving by.
  • Clever sayings for clues are needed too.

Scavenger Hunt Participation:

  • 20 holiday items hidden throughout Cannon Falls.
  • Clues posted daily on Chamber’s website, FaceBook and Instagram
  • Send in your completed list of all 20 items and their locations to the Chamber by noon on Friday, December 18th.
  • Chamber Dollar winners will be drawn from the completed lists received.
  • Winners posted on December 18th.
  • Prizes can be picked up through Wednesday, December 23rd, at 4:30 pm.